When John Mironis opened his first goldsmiths on Thassos, it was the only one on the island. With enthusiasm and a love of new creations, combined with the year of experience which followed, he began to gradually introduce his personal aesthetic perception to the jewellery field. One shop succeded the next in retail or wholesale trade, production or exports.
Today, the John Mironis company following the traditions of its creations to equal the best produced by wny greek or foreign workshop.

Buy at a shop where some valuable advise given by a specialist of the Kind may give you the Satisfaction of the best possible choise. As for a purchase of value, one should only, apply to thee salesman of one's confidence to feel the day of the gain of a real gem.

John Mironis Jewlery Store
Thassos Island-Limenas
Tel: 2593022132 - 2593023925


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